Gcerti Italy Srl Strada Statale Sannitica Km. 85 Casoria Napoli 80026 ,

Gcerti Italy Srl

Gcerti Italy Srl


Con GCerti Italy Srl certifiche i tuoi progressi e dai valure alla tua azienda. Forniamo formazione ed organizziamo corsi accreditati. Siamo inoltre Exclusive Partner and Agency per l’Italia dell’ Ente di Certificazione IQC e pertanto riconosciuta dal SAAS all’emissione delle certificazioni accreditate SA8000 – Certificazione Etica Responsabilità sociale.

Info: direzione@gcerti.it
Gcerti Italy Srl
Strada Statale Sannitica Km. 85
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GCerti Italy is a company specialized in certification services of the Management Systems and Training Auditor / Lead Auditor and operates throughout the country thanks to the Modena headquarters in Viale Virgilio 58 / ec of Casoria (NA) to SS Sannitica Km. 85.

Thanks to a network to which only interface is able to supply answers to any request for certification.

The mission of our group is BE CERTIFICATION BODY with an increasing cutting structure in line with the North Star "HIGHER FLIGHTS, MORE SEE FAR" .

ITALY GCERTI provides certification services as an independent third party addressed to:
Companies, Dealers of Public Services, Public Bodies, Local Authorities and Consortiums.


UNI ISO 9001 - Quality
UNI ISO 14001 - Environmental
BS OHSAS 18001 - Health and Safety at Work
SA 8000 (accredited SAAS) - Corporate Social Responsibility - Ethics
ISO 10854 (HACCP) - Self-control Toilet
ISO 37001 - Prevention of Corruption
ISO 50001 - Energy and Reducing Consumption and Energy Costs
IEC 11352 - Energy Efficiency Improvement Systems (ESCO)
ISO 27001 - Information Security
ISO 20000 - Information Technology for the Provision of Services
ISO 22301 - Business Continuity
ISO 22716 - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
ISO 22000 - Food Safety
ISO 22005 - Traceability Systems in the Food Chain and Animal feed
ISO 13485 -Quality Medical Devices
EN 16636 - Management and control of infestations (Pest Management)
UNI 10881 - Services Residential Care for Elderly
UNI 11034 - Services to Children
UNI 10891 - Surveillance Institutes Private
EMAS - Compliance with European Regulation EC / 1221/2009
EN 1176 - Compliance with the Safety Requirements of the Recreational Areas Game
EN 1090 - Compliance Reg.UE 305/2011, CE marking, for Structural Steel Aluminum Components
ISO 3834 - Compliance with Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials
EU 333/2011 - Compliance to Regulations on Scrap iron, steel and aluminum
EU 715/2013 - Compliance to Regulations on Scrap Copper
GOST-R - Conformity of products with the Essential Safety Requirements for Export to Russia
EC 305/2011 - Marking of Construction Products in accordance with European Regulation
Legislative Decree no. 231/01 - Certificate of Conformity to the Model Management and Control
Sworn Services of the 81/08 Organizational Model for Safety.

To know more: direzione@gcerti.it


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